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Roosevelt Check-out and Return Policies:

  1. Students may check out books for 15 days with renewal if necessary.

  2. After 15 days, we allow 2 free days without fines.

  3. On the 3rd day, fines begin to accrue at the rate of .05 per book per day until the book is returned.

  4. If a book is returned late and has accrued fines, the fine stops but does not go away until it is paid.

  5. If a student is not able to pay a fine, they need to speak to the Librarians about alternate forms of payment; usually community service or food pantry donation.

  6. Overdue notices are printed every 2 weeks and delivered to classrooms.

  7. Students with books overdue more than three weeks will attend lunch detention. If necessary, other consequences are utilized to ensure books are returned to the library.

  8. Money collected from fines is used to repair and/or replace lost or damaged books.

*Overdue policies are included in the student planner and posted in the Library.

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